DORMEO® octaspring difference

So what’s an Octaspring, exactly? It’s a hybrid invention, the first and only of its kind. Spring coil meets memory foam – dynamic flexibility plus unsurpassed support & breathability.

The DORMEO® difference

it's simply a better spring!

PATENTED OCTASPRING® TECHNOLOGY combines only the best of metal springs and memory foam to make a better spring!

OPEN Octaspring Technology’s unique structure provides greater comfort, support and ventilation. The power of a spring with dynamic support combined with the contouring comfort of memory foam delivers amazing durability and comfort.

BREATHABLE: Our open, honeycomb structure naturally has the ability to create a constant flow of fresh air that draws excess heat away from the mattress. The breathability allows movement AND air ventilation in all directions.

REVOLUTIONARY: Head-to-toe support and the perfect resistance for ease of movement with our Octaspring Technology and patented body-zoned construction.

The final result is a luxurious, dynamic sleep surface, 8X more breathable than memory foam.

our mattresses

DORMEO DARK Bed Line delivers truly

technologically advanced sleep systems

Experience a whole NEW dimension in sleep science that’s not only better, more comfortable sleep, but more responsive & truly SUPERCHARGED sleep!

This innovative bed line features our new breakthrough R3 Nanobionic Sleep System Technology® and environmentally certified high density (HD) deluxe memory foams ™ with exclusive surface infusion of PCM cooling technology ™.

R3 Nanobionic Sleep System Technology transforms body heat into Far Infrared rays and returns them back to the body giving you the R3 effect: RE-GENERATE RE-CHARGE RE-STORE

FIR's are proven to be very beneficial to energizing and restorative processes in the human body.

We’ve added all this to our patented revolutionary Octaspring® Technology construction to deliver superior breathable cooling comfort & quality for your best night’s sleep, every, night.

Enjoying Dormeo sleep